Durand High School
Welcome to Durand Area High School
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Shiawassee Fair
FFA3 Sept. 2013REVISED
Band in Exhibition
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Parade Volleyball Team
Mouse Trap Float
Sorry Float
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FFA5 Sept. 2013REVISED
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Candy Land Float
Parade Football Team
Mouse Trap Setup
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Durand High School is collecting box tops, Campbell soup labels, Riverside Market receipts and Spartan UPC labels.  You can turn them into the office, this will help us raise money for our school.  


Feb. 27 - Josten's will be delivering graduation announcements during lunches.

March 28 - End of 3rd Marking period.



Denny Fulk                                                               Interim Principal 


Shawna Groulx For Web
Shawna Scott
Assistant Principal

Tracey Leedle for Web
Tracy Leedle

Principal's Secretary

Kathy O'hara for Web
Kathy O'hara

Athletic Secretary

Tina Lovell for Web
Tina Lovell
Attendance Secretary

School hours:
7:40 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.

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