Durand Area Schools
Alternative Education Classroom Rules
  1. Students will abide by all school policies and procedures in the student handbook.

  2. Students will sit in their assigned seat and use only their assigned computer.

  3. Students must park in the assigned parking area. Once at school, students are not permitted in the vehicles until the end of school.

  4. Respect the space and property of others.

  5. Use proper language- no vulgarity or innuendoes.

  6. Students are not permitted to wear anything that promotes, advertises, or displays sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or put-downs.

  7. Assignments are to be completed in a timely manner and turned in to the proper folder on the teacher’s desk. Trim paper of loose ends.

  8. Use computers with permission only. Students must follow the acceptable use policy in the student handbook or found on the district’s homepage.

  9. Phone calls are permitted with teacher approval. Student cell phones must be turned off during the school day.

  10. Do not take anything from the teacher’s desk unless you have permission.

  11. Food and drinks will be allowed within the classroom guidelines- see Mr. Lincoln for details. NO food or drink will be permitted around the computers.

  12. Put your name on anything you put in the refrigerator.

  13. Follow all directions of the teacher, substitute teacher, or teacher assistant.

  14. In case of absence or if you are going to come to school late please call the alternative classroom at 288-7502.

  15. Lunch orders and breakfast orders for the next morning are to be placed before 8:00 a.m.

  16. Personal music devices are not permitted. Do not use the computer for music unless you are given permission from the teacher.

  17. Students are to do their own work. Cheating will earn zero credit or more serious consequences.

  18. No sleeping in class.

  19. No smoking!!!!


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